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In the Words of Edward Winslow, March 1623, The Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers

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New Book

It tells their story: in paintings, in few words, in many words. Those who came seeking freedom paid a high price. The lessons to be learned from this time period are so pertinent to the events of today.

The Separatist Fire

It started right under their noses.
Before the higher ups had time to notice it was already burning in the hearts of the young, like sparks from a great bonfire carried by the wind it spread quickly. Friends met with friends and talked in secret. Meetings started. The fire went underground, burning undetected amid the roots, then suddenly flaring up to the surface again. It moved like a wildfire driven by the wind.
It was God’s word – the simple, clear, truthful words God had given to Jesus, His Christ. Suddenly His words were alive again, as though a curtain that had hidden them for centuries had been stripped away. Here they were in all their spell-binding purity, clearer than ever. For the first time since the fall of the first church, the gospels and writings of the New Testament were in the hands of the common man.
It spoke of God’s great love for people and how Christians should believe and live. It described how the church should be, how like a bride they should make Him have first place in their hearts. It told them how to prepare for Christ’s soon-coming return to earth and how they would face great persecution and even death.
With such great purpose, who could keep quiet? How could anyone not want to talk about it?
The fire had been lit. The underground meetings had started, the freshly-found words were beginning to be proclaimed. Who would dare put them in practice?
A few Separatists once did. But is there anyone like that today?

The Yellow Deli on Main Street in Plymouth Mass

The Yellow Deli on Main Street

We serve the fruit of the spirit, at the Yellow Deli. Why not ask?

Our To-Go Shop on North Street

Formerly the Blue Blinds Bakery, our Yellow Deli To-Go Shop is ready to serve up the same great food to go.

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